Saturday, August 10, 2013

Live Out Loud

Hi to all..It has been an interesting day.  First, Donna and I got in a 9 mile bike ride...I was completely drenched afterwards! It is so blazing hot....even at 10:00 AM!

I dashed home, showered and was,getting ready to leave for College Station for a family event...when I received a text from my friend Brigette that a man working in her home collapsed and needed CPR.

He passed away after a freak accidental electrocution.  She is devestated. 
Please keep his family and my Sweet friend Brigette in your prayers.

My heart aches for all involved. 

Mom and I drove to College Station for my sweet Cousin Lisa's housewarming...always good to spend time with my family...

NOW...Mom, Donna, Bill and I are going to see former American Idol Crystal Bowersox in concert!!

Mom's 1st weekend out is a doozie! Pls keep her in your prayers as well.

Today has been its  own version of a rollercoaster...another reminder for me to count my Blessings...celebrate life, love with all of my heart...Out Loud...Full Voice!

Today...I am blessed that I got to see my family, hug them, tell them I love them...spend time with my friends...enjoy my sweet Mom and thank God for keeping us safe!

Live Out Loud...Love like there is no tomorrow!

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