Saturday, August 31, 2013

GROOVES For The Soul

The surprise mini-goal. A rare event! A surprise mini-goal with old friends, fun music, and a God moment...Unheard of!

Well that happened!  Today!!

Let me start from the beginning. ..when I started this Journey a year high school and college friend Kathy suggested that I join her for a class..a fitness class called Soul Grooves.  At the time, I said sure. ..but give me a little time to get my groove back! forward to last week. ..Kathy and her sweet family volunteered for Play It Forward.  After it was over, Kathy and I had a conversation about the class again and she followed up with me and we made a plan!

So today at 10:00 AM I met Kathy, her daughter Cloie and friend Kayla for the class. We even ran into another HHS friend...Carrie!  Fun!

Wow...what a class!  Big music.  Lots of grooves and moves. Now please know...I was clueless...and my groove was not so no groovy.   But I slowly began to "get in the groove"
It was another of those experiences that I realized right in the middle of it...that this was no ordinary moment!
The instructor (Tammy)...was a for days....and she had a message.  My First fitness class ever and I get an instructor who is dialed in to God.

Accident? I think not!!

So as the class progressed, Tammy shared about the importance of taking care of ourselves. ..not giving up. ..having a strong faith...trusting our path...trusting God. .all things I discuss as a part of my Journey...only as she shared with this PACKED class.  She was looking straight at me.  She was talking TO ME.

I even joked with my friend. ..asking her if the instructor had been "tipped off" about me...
But no! According to Tammy...she just felt led to say those words AND just felt led to say them to me!

Who knew that God took the 10:00 AM Soul Grooves class at Lifetime Fitness in Humble, TX...

So the Fluffy girl got her groove on with some old friends, a well connected instructor, and God...not a bad Saturday! It was tough, fun, uplifting groove for the Soul!

Before I go...last night was spent enjoying high school, awesome friends, and great kids!
My cousins Wes and Wil and the New Boston Lions won an emotional 1st game and "The Men" both had interceptions!

And my drill team girls danced beautifully. YAY...Jillian and Olivia.  YAY Eagles!

Lastly.  My sweet Mama likes to post fun signs on the door leading from the garage to the house.  OVERCOMER! LOVE IT!

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  1. A wonderful weekend already with two more days to go! YEA!.....Great picture of you and Tone. A.C.