Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 2 Year 2

Day Two of Year 2 is in the books...Church and a FULL day of getting ready for this CELEBRATION!  ONE WEEK AWAY...

It is a celebration after all...a celebration of a year of miracles...a year of inspiration, a year of awakening from a sickness...It is a celebration of a collection of inspiring moments, kind loving people, hurdles cleared, shared words of wisdom, God moments galore.

It is a celebration of ALL of you!

I am ready to celebrate with you! Celebrate the close of the 1st year and the start of the next stage of this big ole defluffing process!!

I have more goals to reach for...more hurdles to clear...a bunch of LOVE to share...more room to grow and lots to learn.

Actually...I can't wait to be able to put my full effort back into the business of losing weight! After this Celebration is done...all the fun has been had and the volleyball has been played...I can't wait to dive back in...all 200+ pounds of fluff! Back into ALL of it...Back in to being a LOSER!

I am ready for new health and sharing ALL of that with you.

Thank u for all of the sweet "anniversary" messages...Loved each and every one!

Hope to see you Saturday...MUCH LOVE!


  1. This is THE theme song for you AND the event!! CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!!