Monday, August 19, 2013

Looking For an EASY Button

Hi there!!!  We are in the final week of preparations for the Play It Forward-Rally To Serve event...and like anything that requires extensive planning...we are hitting a few bumps in the road...So we are having to fasten our seatbelts and HOLD on....

I hit the panic button about 2 or 3 times a day...I would like to get my hands on one of those EASY Buttons advertised on T.V.  That would be sweet!

Truth be told...I  could use an Easy button for a number of these next 55+ lbs...BUT...there is something to be said for accomplishing something important through hard work, faith and the help of fortifies my soul!!!  Builds my character and is ultimately what gives this Journey so much meaning...If I had an Easy button that worked for could be nice...but I would not be stronger for having it and it would obviously require very little work and limited faith!

So despite hitting the panic button and torturing myself about the details...I would rather work for a solution...grow through my hard work...find strength in others and trust in my Faith...than to push a big RED button...(at least most of the time)...:)

So with less than one week to go...We are having some success with registration for the event and we have gotten through most of the major kinks...with the exception of ONE more big deal that I am hoping we can resolve tomorrow. 

I am SO ready for the fun part though...Seeing old friends, new friends, my family and of course celebrating with this group of people that have worked so hard to make this event a success...My Mom has been a HERO...My sweet Donna and my youngsters Lindsey and Kristen have been amazing and of course..My sweet friend Brig and her amazing family!!!  You guys help me cope and remind me why I am doing this daily...You ALL are the reason this event is even happening!!

Thank you for putting up with me through my stress, mini crisis moments...nuttiness and sheer, unadulterated panic!! 

OK...A bit of Year 2 news...I had an amazing conversation today with Kerri's trainer that I worked with when doing the CLEANSE back at the beginning of the year...He spent time with me on the phone creating a workout/food plan that I am excited about starting...Most of the food plan is pretty similar to what I have been attempting to do for the past year...I just needed a "refresher" conversation!  He really shed some light on a workout plan that feels like a move in the right direction for me! 

I am aware that though I attempt to push myself harder..without a plan..I just come up feeling a bit short of my goals.  So to have a conversation with someone who fully understands what I am trying to accomplish, is really supportive and just as kind as his client who referred me, is an amazing way to kick off Year 2...

I am ready to start right now...

SO....The last week of me FIERCELY promoting PLAY IT FORWARD -RALLY TO least for a while!!!

I hope you will consider joining us...It is going to be RAD!!!

Here are a few more of my favorite pics from the  last year!!!

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