Monday, August 12, 2013

Learning is Growing!!!

The clock is ticking...our Event is 2 weeks away...We got quite a bit accomplished over the weekend...and there is lots more to do!!  We have had some great news today...The Backyard Grill is supplying the brisket for our event!!! YAY...that was one of our biggest expenses to take care of for the event!!  Thank you Backyard Grill!!!

Such a relief!  All of us are working hard on the event....My Team!!! You know who you are!!!  We all have stretched through our discomfort...made long drives...long meetings...and we still have 2 weeks plus the event to go!  I am proud of this team!  They have jumped in and worked hard to make this very 1st Play It Forward-Rally to Serve Event a success!!!

Having said that...We need others to help!  We need volunteers for our event and we still need donations!  I had someone say to me that folks with charitable organizations can be really persistent, even insistent.  I fully understand that and it is true...However, I have a new found respect for people who choose to put their heart and soul into helping others...raising money, planning events and organizing fundraisers...It is hard work...BUT...I also understand WHY they do it!!  It is worth it! 
I think that this is a part of God's whole plan for my Journey and I just have to trust that it will provide and bless those (including those of us planning, organizing and hosting the event) that we are serving!!!  I know I am better for the experience!  Learning is Growing!!!!

I ask for your prayers for all of us and for those we are working to support! 

We are going to have a great time...I do hope that if you are and can be in the area that you will join us! 

I am attaching a few random pics...some of us working on the silent auction last night...dinner, and me riding a bike with a long streamer of toilet paper in tow...Yep...that happened!!!  :)) I even included a sneak peek of one of our auction items!!!

 Linda and Brig
 Sneak Peek!!!

Me...Bike Ride...Toilet Paper...The Winner!!!!



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