Sunday, August 11, 2013

Your FAITH has healed you

Sunday...a day of rest...or not!  This Sunday has been so very busy...It started with Church!!  A good thing...I had missed church last week and I need that time each week to refocus and have time in a Designated God Place!!!  LOL! 

So I have said here before that our Church is doing a year long series on The Essential Jesus...and these last few weeks have specifically been about the Miracles that Jesus performs...

So today was no different...the discussion was taken from the Book of Mark..and though the entire sermon was really well put together and impactful...there was one particular verse of Scripture that stood out for me...

"He said to her, "'Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering." ~Mark 5:34

The minute these words were read...I was struck by them. YOUR FAITH HAS HEALED YOU!!! 

The story is about a woman who has suffered for 12 years with an that would have caused her to be a societal outcast and a disease without relief from a physician.  The woman was financially destitute due the medical condition and was alone! 

She, in an effort to find relief from her situation...she follows Jesus in crowd.  She touches the hem of Jesus' robe and is immediately healed!!  He says to her...the above statement.  I found it striking that after ALL that she had been through...after years of suffering, loneliness and financial disrepair...She STILL believed...she still had faith that she could be whole again...healed and she did what she had to do...she took the risk.  Jesus acknowledges the power of faith here..He gives here the Peace she had not had because of her Faith! 

With Faith...true Faith...comes Peace.  That is what I heard today.  I am not so different from that woman in the Bible in some illness, my affliction has caused suffering, at times some level of isolation (not because I was a social outcast) but because I chose to isolate and certainly has impacted my financial success.  It has most definitely impeded my path to  Peace...I think that is the entire purpose of this Journey...this healing process will lead me down the Path to Peace.

I have to be willing to reach out and touch His hem...I have to have Faith! the event draws closer and as I my life gets busier...embracing Peace gets a little more difficult.  I am wound up pretty tight!  But....God knows me...He knows that my people...those people that consciously make the decision to spend time with me...absolutely light my way along this Path that I am on...this Path to Peace.

I spent the rest of my Sunday with my friends Brigette, Tess, Linda, Jillian and Brian..and my sweet Tone Tone...We shopped for Silent Auction stuff and began the process of assembling, labeling...etc...all of our silent auction items!  I got to spend several hours with people who love to laugh...are creative...loving and just plain ole fun...even after the incredibly painful day that they all had yesterday. 

We spent time together...all traveling on our Path to Peace...helping each other out...all of us with the knowledge that we are Blessed by God on so many levels and that He will see us through and Always Lights our way!

I could not have made it this far without my people...and if I am to be successful in completing my Journey...I will need them again and again and again! 

So...this day was another day in this Glorious...BIG...and at times overwhelming Journey to a better me!  My faith WILL heal me and I can go in Peace completely freed from my suffering...



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