Thursday, August 22, 2013

Perfectly Perfect

OK...So...Several months ago...I bought a bracelet...A Faith bracelet...I bought one for myself and one for my dear friend Donna...It served  as a daily reminder for me that God is right there with every moment...I just have to believe and have Faith.

This is the bracelet...and given that I bought one for Donna so that we could have Faith can only imaging how bad I felt when I lost it...the bracelet that is!  Heartbroken!  Even worse..I could not find another  just like it!  So...I have been moping around for a couple of  weeks saddened by the loss of the bracelet...But acutely aware  that despite the loss...I still had my Faith!!!  Thank Goodness. 

Though as this event got closer and closer...I was aware that it would be really fantastic to have that gentle reminder on my arm...just  that little nudge during the day to boost my Faith mojo!!! have had a renewal of the form of this:

 I went out today and bought this for myself...As a reminder that Faith has seen me through every single step of this Journey...Even when it did not seem  like I had any faith at all...The Faith God has blessed me with is always right there!

So as I prepare for the launch of the 1st year of Play It Forward-Rally to Serve...As I prepare to celebrate with my family, friends, co-workers and community the miracles I have experienced over the past year...I wanted to be wearing a symbol of what this Journey has meant to me...a RENEWED FAITH! 

Faith in myself, Faith in God, Faith in this Journey, Faith in my friends and Faith in ACTION. 

So this bracelet will stay on my arm...hopefully for the long haul!  It will be that gentle reminder that everything is already OK...

So...when I purchased this bracelet today made by came with this card and these words:

"This is for the one who has found her way, and the one who is still searching.  For the one who counts her blessings, and who is a blessing to others.  This is for the dreamer, and the dancer, and the music  maker.  For the one brave enough to jump, and the one still standing on the edge.  This is for the one who takes the path, and for the one who creates her own.  For the one who fights, believes, creates and inspires.  THIS IS FOR  YOU"

I so LOVED this...I shared it with my sweet friend Kerri...and she said this...This is perfectly perfect!!!  She could not have been more correct.

It is perfectly perfect...Just like Faith...Faith that we are exactly where we are supposed to be...even if it is not where we want to be...That we are ALL perfectly Perfect in God's Eyes...and that regardless of the path we take...We are ALL in the protective arms of God and that we ARE LOVED! 

As Saturday rolls around... I am nervous, excited, hopeful, scared...etc...that I am going to do justice to those that have inspired me... so I will have this Faith bracelet in place and ready to remind me that All Glory Goes to God and that all is Perfectly Perfect!

For those of you who have painstakingly read every word of this blog..shared your hearts, tears, laughs and love.

This Is  For You!

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