Monday, August 26, 2013

Get Ready-Here I Come!

So...It is Monday and I am settling back in to the New to speak...Year 2 of what I can only as amazing as this past year of De-Fluffing!!!

Last night...I could barely sleep...I just kept replaying all of the great moments of the day and the entire weekend...and THEN it happened...I began to think of people I did not thank in my post...Now...I must admit that when I started writing last night...I knew it would be profoundly risky given my age and mental attempt to thank everyone that had played a special part in the day...BUT...I really wanted to give as much recognition as I could to those people who made the day even more special!

I went over it and over it before I published the post...and was feeling quite frisky about my ability to think of everyone..until about 4:00 AM...when I awoke with a small list in my head of people...people whom I did not include last night!!!  CRAP!!!!

So for those of you that I forgot last night...I hope you will forgive my by no means is any indication of any other than my aging brain! 

So...I may have  to continue to thank people for the next several days!!! 

  • Thanks to my former employers Paula Thoreen and Gary Hale for their generous support!
  • Thanks to my cousins Steve and Donna James for the making the drive from Crosby AND to my cousin Steve for keeping up with the that is a brave man...reading the daily musings of a middle-aged, hormonally impaired woman!!!  Love you guys!
  • Thanks to Jay Khatani...the newest youngster in my office...for joining us and being so willing to volunteer!!
  • Thanks to Sports Authority for being willing to actually come to our event and hand out cool coupons, wristbands and Koozies!!! Not to mention..they donated cash cards as well!!!
  • Thanks to Stefanie Wisenbaker for her generous donation.
Like I said...It was a risky proposition trying to individually thank as many people as I possibly could..I hope you can appreciate the effort...I meant well!!!

So yesterday...after getting a good nights sleep...I decided that despite my REALLY sore body...I wanted to keep my body moving so that I could actually "walk" today!!!  SOOOOO....I played a little basketball with my 15 year old (Soon to be 16 year old)...cousin Carter...We shot a few hoops and I even won a game of PIG..:)))  We always used to play HORSE when I was a it is PIG...hmmm...can I blame that on the general shortening of all words due to excessive texting???  I figure life must be pretty busy when one has to shorten just K!  So maybe PIG is the new HORSE...who knows...but I had a great time with him!!!

After that...I managed to squeeze in a short 7 mile bike ride with Donna...after that...I was TOAST!!!
So very tired!!

I blogged after that and prepared to start off this Monday with a ready and willing spirit!!! 

Again...this past weekend was yet another amazing experience...I just can't thank you all enough!  I have received some lovely, thoughtful messages and I so look forward to seeing pics and posting those soon!!

Before I go...Today is my Aunt Bobbie's birthday!!! One of the kindest people I know!  I hope your day has been filled with blessings and I am so glad we got to spend some time with you yesterday!!

Love you!!!

OK...I am ready for my new workout...Dead lifts, lunges, weights versus machines and the ROWING machine...HELLOOOO!!!  I am sure I will be able to fill up a post or two about my feelings for the rowing machine!!!  But I am ready to kick it into high gear!!!

Year 2...Get Ready Cause Here I come!!!

Get Ready-The Temptations

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