Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Lessons of the Journey

4 DAYS...4 DAYS until the Biggest Mini Goal yet....Pulling off a charitable event for the very 1st time.  I am pretty sure that once the fog lifts and the chaos is under control...once the food has been served, the volleyball has  been played and the money donated...This will be one of the  best experiences I have  ever had.  Being able to work with a group of  people that I  love and admire to acheive a goal that is about Giving Back...I know, will be one HUGE Blessing!!

It already is...I am just too stressed to fully grasp the magnitude of the whole thing!

I do know this...This team of people I have assembled amaze me everyday and this Event is going to be fun, exciting and fulfilling. 

I got a cool message  from a former Coach today and she reminded me of something that is very important...It is important to appreciate the Journey...savor it...learn from it yes...but  ENJOY it more!! Here is what she said...

As a coach, you know that I think goals are great and very necessary. However, always remember, "it's all about the journey"! How you get there is SO important. Hearing about your hikes, kayaking and travels lets me know you are enjoying the journey! Keep up the good work, make healthy decisions, take time to smell the flowers but look for the flowers on the other side of the mountain!!! Great job, girl!

I think that is perfectly said!  Thanks Coach!!! 

It is important to have goals...AND if the goal gets in the way of the lessons the Journey teaches...then for me, the best part of the experience is lost. 

SO....I have to let go of the "success" of this event from  a fundraising perspective...and focus on the "success" of this event as a collaborative effort to make a difference, to  connect with our community, to help others, to laugh with friends...to kick  off another year of wonderful adventures and to in some small way...mirror the Love that God gives so freely. 

I am proud of this "team"...We are learning, growing, overcoming and sharing our hearts along this Journey within a Journey! 
That IS Success!!!

Of Course...YOU too can still be a part of this event..it is NOT too late!!!

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