Saturday, August 17, 2013

One Year!

Hi there...This is IT....One Year Today...
One year ago today...I got brave...was inspired and was perfectly clear that I was ready to be WELL...Ready to be HAPPY...HEALTHY...AND Ready to put myself out there. Bare my soul...share my guts and lose it! :)

I prayed about my decision and the answer became clear...How do I lose accountable to myself...stick to my plan and open my heart to God's plan.

BLOG ABOUT IT! OF COURSE...Lol...never thought I would be here.

I sent a Facebook message to a group of people that spanned the course of my 45 years...some I had not seen in years...some knew how difficult my life had been for years, some did not...I took a risk that all would have an open mind and heart.

I shared with my closest friends and my family the purpose of my goal...I went for it!!

I started at 6:00 am on a hot Fri. Morning walked one VERY long mile...and it begun!! With my friend friend for 18 years...who has seen me at my worst!
I shared my idea with my youngsters..and were (are) Amazing!

I knew I would need accountability measures in place...everywhere.

I also decided to take to Twitter and step outside of my
comfort zone and share this Journey with my inspiration...Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May Treanor...

I had the strong Faith and love of my Sweet, Amazing Mom! Always!

Everything was in place...I had been inspired for the 1st time in a long damn time! God had taken by both hands and pulled me up and said...It is time Fluffy...Let's do this!!

Over the last year I have lost 65lbs..done two 5Ks...climbed a big granite rock...completed an 8+ mile hike, conquered the Evil Elliptical, climbed a 100 FT sand dune that I am pretty sure is also a volcano. I have Kayaked, biked, run, swam, lifted, climbed, fallen and gotten back up!

I did these things with the amazing support of people ranging in age 11 to 86...
Friends, family, strangers and a 3 time Olympic Gold Medalist.

I have laughed, cried (more than I knew I could), prayed, griped, talked...more than I should...

My body has shrunk, my heart has grown...My relationship with God has blossomed....MY LIFE HAS CHANGED!

I have reconnected with old friends, learned how important my "people" are...I have been blessed my strangers and am proud of the new friendships I have started...all God's blessings.

Next week...I will celebrate with all of you...Giving back to my community in your honor...Friends of The Fluffy Girl and in honor of my precious Mom...Toni Patteson..that is how the donation will given to CY HOPE.

The donation to Good Tidings will be given in Honor of Kerri Lee Walsh Jennings...and her special people...Casey, Joey, Sundance and Scout!

Know this...I am truly blessed by each and every one of you...even if we have never met...or if I see u every day!!

I am ready for year 2...God will see me through..."His Eye is on the Sparrow...I know He watches over me!"

Here I am a year ago.

And here I am today after an 8.5 mile bike ride!

I am learning to trust my heart...not to be afraid to share who I am and what I want become...

A special thanks to those of you that have gone above and beyond.

A. Charlotte
Lo Lo
A. Bobbie
All of my Marys
Laura Jean

And of all you that have sent me encouragings words and prayers...

I love you all!!


Who's ready for year 2....MAWA!!


  1. Whoo Hoo Girl!! You have done great! You are inspiring more than you realize. Elaine and I drove to Bastrop and went biking in the park there today. It was glorious and hot, but worth it. Will see you Saturday. Still need address!

  2. As a coach, you know that I think goals are great and very necessary. However, always remember, "it's all about the journey"! How you get there is SO important. Hearing about your hikes, kayaking and travels lets me know you are enjoying the journey! Keep up the good work, make healthy decisions, take time to smell the flowers but look for the flowers on the other side of the mountain!!! Great job, girl!

    1. These are perfect words Coach...I used them in my Tuesday night blog! Thank you!!!