Friday, August 9, 2013

Why Stress When Your Blessed

IT IS LATE THIRTY!!!  My dear, funny, former co-star (She was Dorothy to my Wicked Witch in 7th/8th Grade production of Wizard of Oz), former middle school and high school classmate, college running buddy...Longhorn to my Bobcat, Life long friend extraordinaire...Brigette... invited Mom and I to dinner tonight!!  LOVE!!!

She is a vital member of my TEAM...The team organizing Play It Forward and more importantly my life survival team...We ALWAYS laugh...NO MATTER WHAT!!!  I mean laugh...really deep down..gut hurting, tears rolling kind of laughter...Everybody should have a Brigette!!! 

Anyway...Mom and I...along with Brig's fabulous family...Mom- Linda, Husband-Brian and sweet daughter Jillian..all went to dinner tonight...MAN did I need that!!!

I have been trapped in my drama for the last several days and sometimes it is just fantastic to drop the drama and roll up on some good old fashioned goofiness!!!  Really great!  We ate, drank and were EXTREMELY Merry!!!

I am so blessed to have these people in my life!  Really...

I am again reminded that I am beyond Blessed...Why Stress when your Blessed...LOL!!! 



Thank you guys for ALWAYS being there for me...for the Big Moments...the little moments, the happy, the sad, the ugly and the RAD!!!  I love that I just had to use it!  YOU GUYS ARE SO RAD!!!

NO pics of Jilly Bean!! Bummer!!!

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