Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hand In Hand

So I am back in the office today...trying to push through the overwhelm and praying for all of the things I mentioned in last night's post.

God is funny...and I mean that respectfully...He has to have a sense of humor if He created me!!!  Seriously!

So one of my favorite Bible verses is Phil. 4:13

I bet I have quoted that scripture at least 1/2 dozen or more times in the last year...not to mention that I have a key chain with that written on it...Yet...I must admit...that I sometimes just forget. 
So after posting yesterday...I received the following messages from a few of my friends, family, TEAM!!!  

O.K., Ms. Jaime, you have to keep uttering, continuously, Phil. 4:13!!!

Just Remember...I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, Phil. 4:13

Through can do anything!!! 

I just think God was like...HELLO JAIME....You know this!!!  I laughed and cried...Laughing was first...then a little tear or two over how well protected and fully loved I am!!  Even in my moments of misery!

I received several other heartfelt messages from friends who were kind enough to take the time to remind me of my Journey...remind me that this is not a Solo ACT and that I have an amazing TEAM. 

Not like I have not said it a thousand times before...but that was one of the things that inspired me about Kerri and Misty on their run for gold in London...they were clearly a team...they worked at being a team...A great team is not perfect and may not always travel a perfectly smooth path...but a great team navigates the obstacles together...Hand in Hand! 

I DO NOT KNOW HOW...but I seem to forget my team sometimes...I get lost in my stuff and forget that I do not have to do this by myself...I am hard headed that way! 

The hard part for me asking for help!  I just struggle with that so much!!!  But you know,  this Journey is teaching me that accepting help does not mean I am just means that I am human! And boy am I HUMAN! WAY HUMAN!

So as I navigate these ups and downs...I am just going to keep visualizing that my hand is being all of you and most Christ who gives me Strength.

I keep this picture on my desk since I returned from California...I am posting it again as a reminder to myself of what I experienced on that day!!  ( I told you I would talk about this experience for the rest of my days)

I know that not everyday is going to feel like that day!  But what I learned and am learning about myself and others on that day will be forever cherished and will always serve as a reminder of The Possibilities of this Journey...

Thank you for holding my hand..and sometimes pulling me UP when I can't quite seem to do it myself!

So please keep me, my Mom and this Journey in your prayers...WE need them!!!

Thank you! JLP


  1. I have always been told that when you are closest to God, stronger than ever in your faith, as you are right now... Watch out! That's when Satan attacks. Rebuke Satan . Tell him to get behind you & leave you alone. You worship a higher power. Don't Lose the faith now. You've come way, way too far. Love ya, Barb.

  2. Thank you Barb...I am stay on track and on God's path!