Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blessed Beyond Belief

Good Sunday Evening...What an absolutely STELLAR Weekend!!!  Just let me say first that this 46 year old Fluffy Girl is BLESSED BEYOND BELIEF!!!

I know that I spend an inordinate amount of time talking about the Blessings I have received along this weight loss Journey...But let me say...I don't talk about it near enough!!!! 

So yesterday was the culmination of a years worth of blood, sweat and tears...OK..I don't think I actually bled...figuratively speaking of course...I did ALL of that!!!!  Saturday was our 1st ANNUAL Play It Forward-Rally to Serve Charity Volleyball Event! 

What an amazing day!  Seriously...I was surrounded by a team of people that allowed me to just have an amazing day...We ALL worked hard leading up to the event and then the Day of the Event..My team told me to have FUN and to just enjoy this moment along my Journey...How absolutely cool is that!!!  I felt loved...all warm and fuzzy and I felt like a new human being again in that moment...I played non-stop volleyball against a fantastic group of youngsters...Mostly 12-15 year old club volleyball players...that were so TALENTED and so incredibly well behaved!!!  They only laughed at us old people a little!!!!  My geezer friends (wink wink) were equally as AMAZING and pretty well-behaved!

My family was there in force...Thanks to the Crain family, my Cousin Julie for driving 6 hours to support this event, my cousin Lori and kids, Aunt Lois, cousins Vicky and family, Kyle, Julie, Clay, Clint, Georgia, Harper, Carter...and My Aunt Charlotte for coming in from San Diego!!!! 

Thanks to ALL of Lindsey's family for working so hard!!!!  I so enjoyed getting to spend some time with you guys...sorry I did not get to spend more time!!!

Thanks to our great friends Annette and Chris Michels...for working their BUTTS off...the Food was wonderful!!!

Thanks to two of my VERY first coaches (Humble Middle School)...Renee Neely Crews and Carolyn Farr..for making this day very special!

Thanks to Ann, Larry, Keith, Michelle and Kids...Loved seeing you guys and thanks SO very much for all of your support!

Thanks to Pat Holzshu...YOU ROCK!!

Thanks to Wisenbaker Builder  Services
Thanks to Scott Martin
Thanks to Brigette and the entire McEachern, Westphal, Westmoreland families...for being so kind, giving and making our Silent Auction so KICKIN'

Thanks to Claire, Jonathan, Kyle, Gavin and Family, Matt and Family for being some of the best co-workers ever!!!! Thanks to my boss Del and Earline for joining us...So grateful for the support!

Thanks to Kristen and Stephen for working so hard not only on yesterday's event but for undertaking just about every "mini-goal" I have undertaken!!!

Thanks to my school friend and team mate Tina...for playing volleyball with us...Loved that you were there!!! So important!

Thanks to my precious friend for Mary Dadura...your humor and kindness always make me smile!

Thanks to my sweet Donna, Bill and guys are so important to me!!!

Thanks to Kathy, John Michael, Cloie and Olivia!

Thank you Laura Jean for being there and for your amazing heart and uncanny ability always get me back to God along my Journey! 

Thanks to my precious Mama for being my biggest, best and brightest fan!!! 

A special thanks to Willowbrook Sports Complex for donating an amazing facility!! Thanks to Jeff and Cindy Hill for their generosity and kindness! Thanks to Susan, Gordon, John and Staff for ALL of  your hard work and for being patient with us during our inaugural year!!!  We will get better!!!

Thanks to ALL of the volunteers...referees, silent auction buyers and thanks to ALL of the local businesses that contributed to our event.  Please check out our Facebook page over the next week for a list of our contributors and for some GREAT photos of the event!!! 

And thanks to Kerri Lee Walsh Jennings for inspiring this entire Journey...for taking the time to support this event and for all of the sweet words of support, love and inspiration she has provided along the way.  I am proud to share our story!!/PlayItForwardRallyToServe

We will  be announcing our grand totals over the next week or so and will let you all know when the Donation to Cy-Hope and Good Tidings are presented!

Again...It was a wonderful day...We had roughly 150 or so kids, adults, players and spectators that I hope got to sample the amazing Joy and Blessings I have experienced through all of the wonderful people in my life and through the overwhelming love of God! 

Lastly, Today was a big day in the Jennings Family!!!! Please take a moment to congratulate Kerri and Casey for winning the Women's (Kerri and her partner Whitney) and the  Men's (Casey and his partner Matt)  AVP Manhattan Beach Open today!!! That is a big damn deal!!!  Amazing and I cannot think of more deserving people!  They are living proof of the amazing power of hard work, strong family love and abiding faith!  I admire their strength and courage!!!  So deserving and so sweet!!!

Tomorrow is the real beginning of year 2 for me...Back to Work...Back to Life...Back to the business  of Living in the Light of God's Love!!!  Back to De-Fluffing!!!

Thank you again to EVERY single person  that attended the event yesterday!!! We did it!!! We are making a difference and We are ALL Blessed!!!!

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