Sunday, August 4, 2013

Slow Sunday!

So...despite the knowledge that I could in fact, be busy from now until August 25th...I did not do much of anything today!! Today was a slow Sunday...a blast from the recent past.

Mom is not feeling well...It was BEYOND hot today...suffocatingly so!  I just could not make myself get in and out of the car today...I think the heat index was somewhere between 108 degrees and Hell!!!

So I probably paid for some Reliant Energy Exec's second home in Maui today!!!  I cranked the AC down....and stayed inside!!!

So as this day unfolded...I realized..I just did not have my Mojo today...Lately, I push through the lulls in energy and just try to stay focused on my really just did not have it in keep pushing.  It is funny though...I lived like this day in and day out for years...and NOW...I can barely tolerate a day like today...I have a headache and was just generally lethargic...BUT could not just relax into the day...However, I do know that everyone needs a break from the activity...from the GO GO GO mentality.  So I thought I would say out loud here...Today was tough...but I know it was just ONE day and tomorrow is the next day in my Journey...Moving Forward...Not backward...ONWARD! 

Please keep Mom in your prayers as we go to the Kidney specialist tomorrow. She HATES to be sick...but cannot let this kidney stuff get out of control!  So...prayers are needed...I truly believe in the power of those prayers! 

Also, Please keep my Journey in your personal progress and the efforts of  those helping me plan, organize and host the Play It Forward-Rally to Serve event.  As we get closer and closer, we still have a long way to go...So please pray that we stay in God's will and that our efforts reflect the God's chosen path!

Speaking of the just around the corner...I do hope you will consider donating to our event and I really hope to see  you there!!!  Come out and play some fun, recreational volleyball...have some good food and laughs!  Great Silent Auction items and a Raffle for a Gift Card tree...that is growing all the time!!!  AUGUST 24TH...1:00 PM TO 5:00 PM


Goodnight and God Bless to all of you!!

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