Friday, August 2, 2013

Getting Buy In

So I have something on my mind today...or better said...I have been particularly focused on ONE of the 10,000 things going on in my mind today! 

It is very noisy in my brain these days....but I have found that something keeps popping up for me...The passion for this Journey...all parts...the commitment to making the changes, to pursuing a different kind of life and what that takes, and the parts of me that are waking up...after what feels like a very long sleep!  A coma!! :)  The Passion for all things that lead down the path to really being  a better me...

It is not that I think that I was some kind of horrid human prior to the past 11 months...but I do know that I often felt like I had things to contribute and did not because I was just defeated by my physical limitations...and consequently by the emotional and spiritual consequences of being physically ill...literally! 

So...EVERYONE knows that we (myself and a group of my friends) are in the process of planning this charity event and quite frankly...this is something that I have NEVER done before...Planning an event of this type!  So...let's just say that my confidence issues are being tested. 

I am not all that great at NEW stuff!  I have to stick my toe in the water and test it before I dive in...timidly (at least sometimes) and then there are other instances that I just dive in...head first!!!  This Journey...this expedition I am currently taking to the whole "new" me thing...was a head first dive initially...but those of you that have been following along are well aware that there have been lots of "toe first" moments along the away!! 

This charity a part of the whole a strange combination of both for me...not to mention that I am working with a group of people...who are dedicated to and motivated for different reasons than least to some extent.  We share a common purpose and they are supporting me through this Journey AND have been integral in making it happen.  One of them said something to me recently about soliciting donations...etc (the money part).  How do we get buy in??? 

This question has stuck with me all week. Not everyone is going to "buy in" to my passion about this Journey and not for the Play It Forward-Rally to Serve event either.  For is just a story about a middle aged woman trying to lose weight...a responsibility that I have to myself...something that people do everyday.. For others..they are going to relate to the circumstances from a personal perspective...something they have experienced or are experiencing as I take my Journey.  Others are going to appreciate my efforts and "get it" that this Journey is something that I have a passion for...a great passion for!  For me.. it is really and truly about saving a life, mine! exaggeration.  Truth!

I recently had one of my lifelong friends, who happens to be a nurse, tell me that until I started this Journey...that she feared that my life would be shortened...that I would die young...a life cut short.  Now...she feels like that fear has been relieved by the path that I am this Journey.  I would have to agree with her. 

I would listen to my friends talking about planning for retirement...later in life stuff...I would just subtly think...oh I will not have to worry about it was a given that I would not be here...

BUT....NOW...I am planning people...this event has become about the future for me...Something that I want to do each year...a way that I can GIVE back and a way that I can live as an example of the Miracles that God does everyday.  My passion for this Journey is not extraordinary...It is life!!  It is LIVING...fully, out to the great and the not so to to victory and victories that come from defeat.  I want my Passion for life to be written all over my face and seen in my actions.

I have shared space with people in my life that had a passion for life...people that have "stuff" just like the rest of us but have that something special that comes from great passion, strong faith, a pure heart ..that helps them conquer with Joy...despite life's pain! These people are my inspiration...I have known a few..some for a lifetime and one I just met on a hot sand dune..:) xoxo

So...the Charity event...I chose the 2 charities that are benefiting from our efforts with great intention and with purpose.  I have shared those with you all before.  This is my reality and my belief....

I am the back story to this charity event...The real story is that we live in a world where children are daily experiencing abandonment, loss, poverty, spiritual bankruptcy and are just not loved enough!!!  They have to worry about grown up, where their next meal is coming from, how rent will be paid, not having clothing...not being able to just play...carefree..learn, get enough to eat, get enough sleep.  They are labeled... learning disabled, socially dysfunctional, obese...they face challenges that I did not face...and we were not exactly wealthy!  So for me...these 2 charities represent HOPE...these organizations both fill the empty gaps in these kids' lives...they offer the opportunity for these kids to have healthy meals, play sports, paint beautiful pictures, sing their hearts out, smile, laugh and for a period of time in their day...feel valuable, smart, healthy and loved.  For does not matter how they got here, judgement...It does not matter that they may not look like me...that they may speak a different language.  What matters for that they are children..that will one day, be adults...I have the opportunity to live a life that models for them that challenges are meant to be overcome, pain cannot kill you and that victories are meant for everyone!!  I have a chance to model for them the Love that I receive from God is transferable...It can be shared and should be...I believe in second chances...third chances...whatever it takes...These kids deserve a chance.  This is my passion...

So how do I get Buy In?

...I am really not sure...But here is where I am starting... Living my story...Sharing what I believe and practicing daily...overcoming those challenges that inhibit my path...the Path that God has chosen for me.  I know that I will not get Buy In from everyone... I will get push back from some...that is part of life.  My responsibility is my accountability to being the best I can be...Walking the Walk.

I have help...I have inspiring, faith filled, God driven people in my life, I have people in my life that challenge me to be better and truthfully, I have people in my life...who though they may not completely buy in...they too, provide inspiration for me...

In the meantime, I will keep pushing, keep believing the in greater purpose of this Journey...keep moving my feet, growing my heart and sharing my Faith...

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