Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Taking things In Stride

To be or Not to be...honest!  I am sitting in a bit of a stupor...I am wanting to tell my story about my day...the truth. But as I sit here...I am acutely aware that my truth is laced with disappointment and anger.
I firmly believe in honesty...even when it is uncomfortable...but telling my "truth" may not always represent everyone else's truth!!

So as I sit here REALLY wanting to vent my frustration about something I am experiencing...I know that spewing my "truth" not necessary...telling everyone here that I am frustrated and dissapointed is plenty of honesty...

I don't wear disapointment well!  It reads on my face and in my voice with so clearly...and when disapointment is joined with any other emotion....things can get ugly!

So I am sitting here...refusing to let my disappointment rule my head and my heart...praying for the strength to turn this challenge and seemingly big hurdle over to God. 

I can do this...with God's help! There is no hurdle that can't be overcome...even with my short legs...I just have to take this in stride...

Have you ever watched a great hurdler run a race?   They do not "jump",over the hurdles...but instead have a beautiful, fluid stride that propels them over the hurdle gracefully!! If that stride is broken and they react by jumping the hurdle...they often trip and fall.

I am a jumper by nature...reactive to the glide in the know what I am sayin'!

From the beginning of this Journey, I have prayed for Grace....receiving God's grace and living that same grace... Sharing that with others!

So I am a work progress...I still have quite a way to go!  Trying not to jump...

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  1. You can glide Jaime. Just glide at a different altitude. ;) The point is that the glide is forward momentum. Velocity. Even if you stumble and take a roll on the ground, roll forward, gain altitude, and get your velocity back. You are putting so much effort into this. You will get there, the goal line, and it may take a little longer than expected, but keep going and going forward. You left me in the dust, but listen to the dust-choked cheering. You can do this! You ARE doing this! We love you!