Thursday, August 15, 2013

Reliving the 1st year! A Recap!

Hello to all!!!  I am two days away from one year on this Journey!  Wow!!!  It seems surreal...Over the next few days...I have decided to recap the last year over the next few days.

It has been a remarkable 1st year and after I the Rally To Serve event is complete and in the books, I am looking forward to losing the rest of this weight...getting healthier...striving to be med free, striving to share this Journey with all of you, with my family, my friends (old and new) and I look forward to the continuation of this Miracle.  I pray that the next year of this Journey will be a mirror of God's Love and His blessings. 

Before I get into my recap...Today Is Kerri Walsh Jennings birthday!!!  A National Holiday in my world..:))

I have sent her a private message; however, I want to wish her a Happy Birthday here...It seems appropriate since she has served as a spark for this Journey...a conduit of God's Grace and just an absolute Joy.  I truly am blessed that our paths crossed as they have and that I have an opportunity to share this Journey with her.  So Happy Birthday Kerri!!!  You completely and totally rock!  My thanks to your parents for bringing such an amazing human being into this world!!!  :))  Here's a hug!!

So Now to the recap!!!  Let It Begin..These thoughts and pics are just a mere glimpse at the past year...Some of my faves!!!
The JOURNEY BEGINS August 17th 2012.

"The winds of Change are Blowing Wild and Free, You ain't seen nothing like me yet"~Bob Dylan
I have already had to retire these shoes...and that headband is in the Journey 120 archives...LOL!
 I hope that you will follow along and enjoy my journey. I hope you will laugh with me, pray with me and WILL me to a better, healthier life. I need it!!!!

Tomorrow is the DAY...the new beginning of what I hope is a life-changing journey. I am excited and nervous. Excited about making a change and nervous about....making a change. Funny but true! an effort to give a warm send off to my old eating any good, loyal Fluffy girl would do...I ATE! I had one last unhealthy Hurrah!!! 

 Harper and Emily...helping with the GIANT ECLAIR
You are going to see a phrase or "slogan" I guess you could say...that I am choosing to use as a daily reminder of my original fun inspiration to make this change.. Misty May and Kerri Walsh used the hash tag or team name #Mawa during the Olympics...I have "borrowed" that and added it to my little motivational slogan: #Journey 120-"Mawa Inspired"

" So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the WILL, they soon become inevitable"~ Christopher Reeve
Here is to the Inevitable....
so I sent a tweet to Kerri today (again...) asking her to check out my blog and the start of my Journey 120-"MaWa" inspired adventure. Now I must say Twitter is a very limiting tool for a girl like me...a girl who has very little capacity to keep her thoughts to 140 words or less...I am probably the only person on the Earth that will spend 30 minutes trying to make something concise...but I did! So I had crafted what I had hoped was a well worded, to the point statement that might get a response from her...and guess what..I tweeted and asked her to check it out and she responded...just 2 words... Will do! I was goofy excited!! I am such a dork! But I was thrilled!
“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
–Albert Einstein
I know this is the first week and and that there are 51 more to go...but so far..I think this is the best decision I have ever made. Journey 120-"MaWa" Inspired!!!!
So...that is just a taste of the total recap...over the next several days...I plan to share more of my favorite, quotes and joys from this Journey...
Please remember that we are less than 2 weeks away from an event that will mark ONE YEAR on this Journey..It is going to be a celebration and another Mini-Goal along the bigger Journey...I will play volleyball AND have an opportunity to give back to my local community and will be donating to Good Tidings Foundation in honor of Kerri! 
I hope I get to see you there!!  Much love to all of you and again, Happy Birthday Kerri! xoxo!!

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