Friday, August 23, 2013

The Big Day...Play It Forward!!!

HELLO MY FRIENDS! It is  so very late and I have been non-stop the ENTIRE day! 

Tomorrow (today) is the BIG EVENT!!! The big day to celebrate a year on an absolutely amazing, mind blowing, blessing filled, butt kicking, heart changing, gut busting, uplifting, life changing year!!!!

Tomorrow is about SHARING God's precious gifts with others..."Play It Forward"...I, along with everyone involved, will have the opportunity to see our hard work and the amazing work God has done in our lives come to fruition...ACCOMPLISHMENT! 

I had the honor of working with people that I love dearly today to prepare for tomorrow...I got to share the process with my Mom and my friends and with a group of people who are sharing the miracle by donating their facility to us and giving us a space to share our experience, strength and HOPE!

After finishing the bulk of our set up for tomorrow...and after hours of errands and lists...I left the venue, ran home, showered and dressed for a friends 25th wedding anniversary party! 

I really wanted to be there to celebrate with my friend.  She has been an amazing gift...a precious addition to my life  in the last year...A God  gift along this Journey!  She has a precious heart and I felt very honored that she included me in this event this evening. 

For me...though tonight turned in to another one of those moments where the presence of God was so clear...that I left knowing once again...that God is not only working in my life but He is working through the blessings He has given me.  I got to be a part of a very special and precious moment tonight.  I was profoundly touched and was inspired by being there...Inspired by the faith of two young men and their relationship with their precious parents.  God touched my heart through them. 

Again...I AM BLESSED! 

So even though it is really late and I am soooo nervous about tomorrow...tonight was priceless!  A priceless God moment...and provided me with a lovely reminder of the Strength that lies in having Faith!

So boys...I am honored, touched, inspired and am so grateful for the experience. 

Thank you!

Tomorrow will be as it is supposed to be...I hope you will join us...Laugh with me...You can even laugh AT me if  you would  I fulfill my year one PLAY IT FORWARD...BY Playing Volleyball again!!!

Tomorrow...Willowbrook Sports Complex...1:00 PM...BE THERE!  :))))


  1. Jaime, as I head out on my morning-ish run, I will be praying specifically for your event today, for your continued journey, and for the Lord to continue to take "center stage" in both of those... I know He will bless your efforts and those who will be impacted by what is raised!! Exciting day! Hope you have a BLAST! Karen

    1. Karen...the entire day was a Blessing!!! I loved every minute and am already thinking about next year!!! Bigger and Better!!! God continues to Light the way and I am better for this Journey!! Thank you for being a part of the blessings!!! Hugs! Jaime

  2. After attending the AVP Tour kick-off, I am "itching" to TRY to play... Try is the operative word! ;) San Antonio is not too far, so maybe next year I come celebrate your next defluffing season!! The Lord has special plans, & I can't see where He takes you (& me for that matter) in a year!! Who knows, you may be JOGGING up a dune with Kerri!! :)

  3. Oops!!
    *can come
    *can't wait


    1. Karen....Thank you for being so supportive!!! I so hope you can come next year...that would be amazing! If I JOG up that DUNE...that would be beyond miraculous!!! LOL!!! Maybe you can make the climb with us!!! I don't what God has in store for either of us just yet..But I know that we will be blessed!!! Hugs

  4. A dune with you and Kerri?? I would NOT turn that down!! Ha ha!!! ;)

    Yes, and another year of being blessed... I won't turn that down either!

    I've learned ( the importance of being open to His blessings and strength versus pretending I can do things on my own without His help (though I have always known the truth!). Somewhere around the time I turned 30 (3 years ago), I lost sight of this, and I feel I have been working hard on my own to have good days ever since - at work, at church, at home, with family, with friends - with only (at best) fair results. I am no longer striving for good days and waiting to see what kind of day it might be - BUT now resting in the Lord, recognizing His blessings, confessing my needs for Him to be my everything, and relying on His strength to glorify Him with a life of praise. It's a big difference...

    The first time I commented on your blog was a really honest response about the fact that I had tears in my eyes when reading that post. I believe the topic related to this idea... Not trying to do things on your own, but accepting God's help and strength. And then acknowledging it may come directly from Him or through others He uses to bless us. So convicted that pride had gotten in my way. Your reflection of what the Lord was showing you (through Kerri, etc) penetrated my pride. Thanks for allowing the Lord to use your words and being so honest as you post them for others to read!!

    I'm so glad Kerri posted about your story and your journey so I could also be blessed by your thoughts, and I'm so thankful those words were a piece of a series of experiences the Lord gave me that helped restore joy and hope in my life!! Thank you, thank you, Jaime!!


    1. I love your words much wisdom in learning to lean on God...AS you know by reading along it is a daily life lesson for me...learning that I can in fact, do All things through Christ who strengthens me...instead I can a few things poorly if I rely on my own strength! I am incredibly touched and grateful that you hear God's voice in the words I write here...I have in fact by God's Grace through others...Kerri yes..and so many others including you! Every comment..every ounce of support I receive reminds me that God is so guiding this Journey! I know I say that a lot...but words sometimes just don't cut it! Thank you Karen! I hope our Journey's stay connected. All of God's Blessings for you! Hugs!!!